Tyrone & Samantha | One & Only Cape Town

Tyrone from Joburg and Samantha originally from Cape Town had a jaw dropping wedding at Cape Town’s classy One and Only hotel.  And what a fun party at the reception!  There was a lot of celebrating going on…and for good reason.  These two cool cats looked spectacular in their outfits! Congratulations to you both, may your marriage last forever and a day.

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Hugo & Lezanne | Skilpadvlei

Lezanne & Hugo tied the knot on a rainy Spring afternoon in the beautiful Stellenbosch. A rainy wedding day is a blessed wedding they say. And so it turned out to be just that. The sky cleared up and we had the most amazing wedding with picturesque cloudy skylines. The reception was hosted by Skilpadvlei Wine Estate.
Congratulations and may your marriage be filled with sunshine and goodness 🙂

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Aldo & Anzél | Kronenburg Wine Estate

Anzél & Aldo went to primary school together. Little did they know that they would become husband and wife a good 10+ years later! Their love for one another was celebrated at Kronenburg Estate and what a lovely day it was. Perfect weather, great friends and family and a love that was tangeble throughout the day.

Congratulations guys and God bless 🙂
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